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Tumblr, I have a mission for you : my brother and I are trying to hunt down a VHS that was a major nostalgia fixture for both of us, but the actual VHS has been lost to time and a few moves. It was a compilation of clips and trailers of monster and sci-fi movies from the 60s and 70s or so. I remember it touching on “Journey to The Center of the Earth”, “Them!”, “10,000,00 Miles To Earth”, “Gorgo”, “Reptilicus”, “Valley of the Gwangi” (notable to us as one of our father’s best beloved childhood movies - giant monsters AND cowboys!) … it turned both of us into major horror/kaiju nerds, but we don’t remember any details that would allow us to hunt down that specific video. If you remember a compilation of monster clips that’s even remotely like what I’ve described, that would be helpful.

Spoiler for a throwaway line in “The Time of the Doctor” …

Clara: “I may have … accidentally invented a boyfriend.”
The Doctor: “Yeah, I did that once, and there’s no easy way to get rid of an android.”

… I chose to believe that Shalka!Master (and by extension, Shalka in general) is now canon.

Watched “The Shining” for the zillionth time this Halloween … such a good movie. It’s one of those rare situations where the movie and the source differ wildly, and yet both are really good in their own ways.

The IMDB “trivia” section for this movie is about a mile long … it’s one of those movies with a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes stories (mostly involving Stanley Kubrick being really fucking weird and obsessive. I can’t believe Shelley Duvall didn’t whack him with that bat after making her run that scene a zillion times …).

(I did an eighth grade project where we compared a book and its movie version, using “The Shining” … in retrospect, I’m shocked they let us go with that).

I do get what Stephen King complains about, re: Jack Nicholson, though - he’s a bit too obviously crazy from the get-go, it’s hardly surprising that he nuts out.

Above is a video I made for this movie … holy shit, 8 years ago. The editing could stand to be tighter, more in tune with the music, but it’s less sloppy than I remember it being (I rushed it to get it out by Halloween ‘05).

Wow - when I said “Flowers For Charlie” would inspire “Pacific Rim” crossovers, I was NOT anticipating Burn Gorman showing up. “Pacific Rim” fandom, “Always Sunny” is crying out for your attention!

(I also love that Mac’s unrequited crush on Dennis is more or less canon now. Is this the second time that he’s gone in for a kiss?)

An interesting overview, but at 3 hours, it can barely scratch the surface of a lot of issues (I took a class that handled this subject over an entire semester, and still had to summarize a lot of things). And the involvement of comics professionals is a double-edged sword - on the one hand, having people like Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane in your series gives you a lot of insider details, but on the other hand … it makes it awkward/impossible to critique their role in comics. In particular, I was a little shocked by how one-sided the discussion of the increase in violence in the 90s was - people like Todd McFarlane think “more violent=more mature”, and since you’ve gotten him on the show, you can’t really have the next talking head call bullshit on that.

Every time Phil Jiminez showed up, I was all “squee, you used to be my teacher! You called me your ‘most improved’ student of the year!” Of course, that obviously refers to how shit I was at the start of the semester, but if a respected comics artist gives me a compliment like that, of course I’ll take it and remember it forever. His was one of the best classes I took at SVA, and no one challenged me to step up my people-drawing game like he did. He was really hard on me, which was stressful at the time, but I feel like I learned a lot from him. (I was also amused that I made a bunch of comments about X-Men as a gay metaphor to my mom and brother as we were watching … and then his next appearance was him making the same points).

I was also like “do a flip!” - he apparently did gymnastics in his youth, and one day during our mid-class break, he randomly did a backflip out of nowhere. He refused to repeat it, and everyone who went out for a smoke break (a huge percentage in an art class) was disappointed to have missed it.

While I’m in an “Always Sunny” Tumbling mood, here’s a repost of my Third Doctor video to “Dayman”. I’m sure there’s a whole … dozen people who’re into “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and 70s-era Doctor Who …

If Charlie Day appears in the potential “Pacific Rim” sequel (and why the hell not - he and Guillermo Del Toro seem to have really hit it off, and he was one of the most interesting characters), I think Newt needs to improvise some songs about kaiju and jaegers. And maybe the Nightman.

At the very least, people should incorporate Charlie Day’s ludicrous song-stylings into their headcanon for Newt. He’s SO good at this crazy shit, I sometimes boggle that they can get a take filmed where no one cracks up.

"Flowers For Charlie" trailer

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This episode hasn’t even aired yet, and I can already feel the “Newt Geiszler is an intelligence-enhanced Charlie Kelly” fanfics forming. The fact that the cane and general demeanor in this clip are reminiscent of Hermann Gottlieb is only going to add fuel to the fire.

(His giant robot costume plan in this week’s episode - “The Gang Gets Quarantined” - might have been a reference to the movie, or it might have just been Charlie being Charlie. It’s best not to contemplate a Jaeger team made up of any combination of the “Always Sunny” gang, though the idea of Mac making a giant robot do his signature “whoosh whoosh!” karate moves is cracking me up).

Besides just loving “Pacific Rim” for itself, I’m so delighted by Tumblr’s newfound crush on Charlie Day (*strains to not be a hipster, all “I thought he was adorable before it was cool!”*). I’m very curious what people who were first exposed to him in that movie make of him on “Always Sunny”.

[Edit: consarn it, Tumblr, why is it so difficult to embed videos in you?! Look up “Always Sunny” on Facebook for the trailer, I can’t find it on YouTube or the FX site]

Hey, Doctor Who fans, it’s a scantily-clad dance by the Doctor, for an audience that contains the Master!

(I just really, really want the involvement of the majority of the “I, Claudius” cast in Dr Who to draw fans over to that series. Is that so wrong?!)

((The Caligula and Claudius scenes have become the weirdest Doctor/Master AU of all time. I saw this first, so all through “Utopia”, I was making jokes about the wrong person having auditory, drum-beating hallucinations, to people who had no idea what I was referring to))

OF COURSE Guillermo del Toro has elaborate McPoyle headcanon. I think a McPoyle TV series made by him would be nightmarish … and I would totally watch it.

I hope he and Charlie Day keep working together.